Academic Works & White Papers

Theoretical and practical competence go hand and hand. When practiced together powerful results can occur. Theory absent of practice is a drawing. Practice absent of theory is lumber. Together, they are a carpenter capable of building new things. We often participate in academic and research work as well as part time professorships at leading Universities. Being involved in these activities allows us bring added value to clients by staying on top of scientific advancements as well as theoretical business ideas. Below are several non-confidential academic works & white papers we have authored, co- authored or have been indirectly involved with.
Title Description Norwegian English
Etablering av en Industridrevet Kommersialiseringsenhet Article regarding the Norway’s research institutions and the lack of industrial partnership and cooperation to bring about successful innovation. Norwegian
Konseptforsterkning av kommersialiseringsprosjekter fra forskningsinstituttene og universitetene A white paper delivered to the Norwegian research council reinforcing the structure and relevance of the commercialization process Norwegian
The firm as a nexus of product cycles: organizing entrepreneurship in the innovative firm

Selskapet Som Et Knippe Produktsykluser: Organiisering av Intraprenørskap I Det Innovative Foretak
The need of balancing static efficiency and dynamic efficiency is addressed in this paper. The authors asks and discuss the question; “How should mature vs. not so mature companies handle different types of innovation?” Norwegian English
Eierstyring, innovasjon og internasjonalisering
i integrerte samvirkekonsern
This is the final report from the research project “Norwegian agricultural goods sector.
Strategy and business development to the year 2010 ” discusses issues around corporate governance, innovation and internationalization
Organisering og finansiering Intraprenørskap:

Organizing for Corporate Entrepreneurship & Funding The activity
The main topic of this article are issues related to the organization’s focus on innovations that break with the status quo, the radical, changing expectations and issues related to financing of such activity. Norwegian English
Organizing Innovation in North Sea Petroleum Industry: The Large Company and its Supplier Interface as an Environmental Innovation System This document looks at the organizational architecture behind innovation in North Sea upstream petroleum industry. It was a Paper for the conference on Innovation, Sustainability and Policy at Kloster Seeon English
Kan myndighetene bidra til etablering av betydningsfulle innovasjoner?
Betydningsfulle innovasjoner – kan myndighetene bidra?
Article for Økonomisk magazine related to Norway’s ambitious goals of becoming a world leader in innovation. Norwegian
Innovasjonssystemet i Tine Norske Meierier BA og Norsk Kjøttsamvirke BA The report addresses issues relating to the Tine group diaries and the Norwegian Meat cooperative as an innovation system and discusses possibilities of further development of this system. Norwegian