Typical clients

We support startups strategically, financially and operationally in their early and later stages.
Small, Medium and Large Corporations
We support companies in pursuing new business opportunities through joint venturing, spin in/out deals, mergers and acquisitions and technology scouting.
Venture Fund Management
We are actively engaged in deal sourcing and management of a seed stage venture fund, Redalpine, investing in high tech start ups in the ICT and life science field.

TTOs and Incubators
We support Universities and TTOs in building up effective technology transfer processes and in the commercialization of projects based on internally developed IPR.

Universities and governmental organizations
We are lecturing, conduct workshops and provide presentations on the topics of new business development, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behaviour and best practice in the field of business venture development. We are also actively involved in coaching programs for startups.



Along side large corporations, many of our clients are startup companies looking for expert support to get to the next level.

We offer to share risks and rewards with our clients while in many cases limiting cash requirements.