Investment portfolio

Portfolio – early stage companies

Intro International invests in companies with unique technologies and sound business models. This investment activity is a part of our core strategy in being an active and long-term partner with our clients.
 IPCO  IPCO AS IPCO AS has an industrial approach with B2B relationship model – building value for operators rather than consumer brand. We offer a cloud-based managed service called IPCO Cloudfone™.
CONPART Advanced microspheres for the electronics industry
mosaic MOSAIC SOLUTIONS Mosaic Solutions AS is a Norwegian high-tech company that formulates conductive materials for specific applications.
  REDALPINE VENTURE FUND Early stage seed investing in the Swiss alpine rim focussing on scaleable IT and life science companies
Termowood Termowood AS Advanced environmentally friendly woodbased building systems.
 Fintech Angels Angel fund SPV for Fintech Factory 2016