Sectors and Activities

Our focus is on the development of innovative and knowledge-intensive business concepts. We engage in conceptualizing the business ideas and technically good ideas to become profitable self-sustaining businesses. We have extensive experience in this discipline from numerous projects in multiple industries.
Intro International has presence in Switzerland, USA and Norway. Understanding the different dynamics and cultural aspect of different countries and cultures enable us utilizes this in the internationalization phase for our clients.
We assist clients with the execution of application processes for public funding from agencies in Norway. We have a very good track record in this area and several of these processes have led to significant public grants that have been matched with funding from Venture Capital or industrial risk capital.
Intro International also perform services related to fund rising, transactions services hereunder acquisitions and divestments or trade sales.
The partners in Intro International are all involved as project managers for our clients, or “management for hire” contracts in the management of start-up businesses.
We have extensive experience working for incubators and “technology transfer offices” associated with the research institute sector as well as the university sector.
Intro Management invests in early stage businesses with innovative technology and/or business model. We actively engage ourselves in and manage a small suite of early stage investments
Intro Management AS has close relations to several academic institutions. Nils-Otto Ørjasæter holds a part time professorate at the Norwegian School of Management at the department of innovation and Economic Organization. Involvement in coaching activities.